Furniture Disposal Dubai

We try, in the least costs, to not let anything find yourself in landfill. we would like everything to either be recycled or reused. within the past, most furniture landed in landfill. Not anymore.

What happens to the furniture that we clear?

  • Furniture made from metal always gets recycled and can come as something else. ie. your next door or a coke can etc…
  • Furniture made from wood is currently getting sent to electric power stations and being burned to fuel the fires as against landing during a hole within the ground.
  • Furniture made from fabric also finishes up in furnaces and fuels the fires that heat water to supply steam, ultimately creating electricity.
  • All furniture made from glass, plastic and composite materials also find yourself getting recycled.

We wish to attempt to give a number of the furniture we collect to charities where possible. Reusing is usually getting to be the foremost eco-friendly method of recycling furniture.
We clear and recycle all kinds of furniture, whether it’s home or office. we’ll clear anything from anywhere on your property.

Furniture clearances include:

Desks, Chairs, Tables, Filing cabinets, Small cabinets, Large cabinets, Reception furniture, Kitchen goods.