House Clearance Dubai

House Clearance doesn’t got to be diligence , labour intensive or filled with worry and hassles. Dubai Junk provides comprehensive house clearance services throughout Dubai City and UAE Countrty. We pride ourselves in our commitment to knowledgeable , timely, friendly and customer-focused service.

We can lookout of all of your House Clearance needs, wether you’d sort of a few items removed and recycled or a whole house filled with old or unwanted furniture we will accommodate you. We charge for this service as most furniture gets recycled back to its original materials and isn’t reused because the current form.

House Clearances Services In Dubai

This process costs us because it must undergo many hands to be ultimately recycled and avoid landfill. Any furniture which will be sold on to collect back these costs gets done the maximum amount as possible. We unfortunately aren’t during a position to shop for furniture because the money it costs to fetch, store and hopefully sell doesn’t cover the prices so we charge solely on the quantity we remove. If your furniture only filled half a van and not a full van we only charge for half a van. this is often why we frequently beat skips on removing furniture as a price effective procedure. to not mention the very fact that we also provide all labour. Which makes it super easy on your behalf?

From Single Items to Entire Property Clearance

We can are available an take a couple of items that you simply need removing and only charge for the quantity that they take up in our junk vans. Or if need be, clear the whole house. for instance if a house was bought as is on auction and everything was left behind unrepaired , we will provide the service that clears it for you. we’ve had thousands of jobs from the classic hoarder to bulky items that are hard to urge obviate . You name it and that we have quite likely encountered a drag almost like yours that needed solving.

What Happens To the Furniture, Rubbish and Junk

Most of the furniture that we collect is choppy and recycled back to the individual materials and recycled accordingly. So for instance a glass table with steel legs needs recycling, we recycle the metal to a recycle vendor and therefore the glass goes to a glass recycling vendor. Both of which help reduce the energy to form new glass and metal products. Win for the environment and for the very fact it has been diverted from landfill.

How It Works On arrival the team give the on site free and final quote, if it’s all still acceptable between both parties, supported the quantity and therefore the “green light” is given, our team or teams, counting on the size of the task, get going and obtain obviate everything during a quick and orderly fashion. If it isn’t given the plow ahead they simply leave and you’ve got had the ultimate quote free.

Dealing With A Probate

We understand this will be a testing time if you’ve got lost a beloved . Trying to traffic jam an estate and what to try to to with excess furniture etc. are often a troublesome task. Give us a call and see if there’s any way we will make the precess as easy as possible for you. Because we affect similar situations on a daily basis we all know the quickest and easiest ways to clear properties that require to be sold on etc.

Why House Clearance?

Moving or Selling House, Probate, Making space for brand spanking new furniture, De-cluttering lebensraum , Spring cleaning, Skip Hire alternative, Family bereavement. we offer a simple & professional finished you House Clearance service.


Where We Clear

We pride ourselves on our commitment to clear junk from any household including Houses, Businesses, Flats, Offices, Government Buildings, Basements, Apartments, Council Houses, Public Buildings, Commercial Properties, Housing Associations, Shops, Markets, Farms, Plots, Allotments, Small Holdings and Lockup Storage.

House Clearance Dubai
House Clearance Dubai